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Proof Why Orgone Energy & Scalar WORKS !!!


orgone does not require belief or conscious attention in order to work. this is not a religion, a cult, or a product of disinformation IT WORKS ! . This has nothing whatsoever to do with the ''newage movement''.

Animals love the presence of an orgone pyramids. Cats especially have an attraction to orgonite. I have heard reports of birds, deer and other wild animals coming when these devices have been placed in backyards.Its also nice to see other plant experiments furthering the proof of the power of these wonderful orgone pieces!


These articles were featured in the international news media FORTEAN TIMES

Examples of things that emit harmful radiations are cell phone towers (these companies go over their legal FCC radiation limit EVERY DAY), HAARP, satellite dishes, radar, wi-fi, wi-max, and telecommunication towers. Cell phone towers are pulsed at anywhere from 3 KHz to 3,000GHz moving at the speed of light according to the FCC. Even televisions and computer monitors are pulsed typically from 60Hz(same as the electrical energy grid) to 480Hz.