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Black Tourmaline Orgone Pyramid - for protection 4/5G Tiger Eye Orgone Pyramid - for protection/will power 4/5G Jade Orgone Pyramid - for wealth/heart 4/5G Rose Quartz Orgone Pyramid - for love /heart 4/5G
Citrine Orgone Pyramid - for wealth/creativity 4/5G Pyrite Orgone Pyramid - for Iron/circulation 4/5G Orgone Pyramid - Aquamarine throat Centre Orgone Pyramid - Fire Element - for creativity & Heart & shungite
Orgone Pyramid - for protection & comunication lapis lazuli 4/5G with elite shungite Orgone Amethyst Pendulum shell orgone pyramid Shungite Orgone Giza 5G Large Pyramid with gold leaf
Orgone Amethyst Pendulum
Our Price: £11.99
shell orgone pyramid
Our Price: £16.99
tourmaline orgone pyramid orgone pyramid Jade orgone pyramid labradorite orgone pyramid
tourmaline orgone pyramid
Our Price: £22.99
orgone pyramid
Our Price: £22.99
Jade orgone pyramid
Our Price: £22.99
labradorite orgone pyramid
Our Price: £24.99
Malachite orgone pyramid tiger eye, carnelian orgone pyramid tourmaline powder orgone egyptian pyramid Large Orgone lapis Giza Pyramid - good for THINKING, STUDYING & FAITH
Malachite orgone pyramid
Our Price: £24.99
Orgone Large Pyramid -Fire Chakra Vibration Frequency 162HZ - for WEALTH & CREATIVITY - fire element Orgone Large Pyramid -Higher Eye Chakra Vibration Frequency LOVE & PROTECTION - for third eye activation -water element Orgone Large Pyramid -Healing Root Vibration GROUNDING & MEDITATION Frequency 8-13HZ - EARTH ELEMENT Garnet & tourmaline orgone pyramid
metatron medium Pyramid - (4G/5G) protector Shivah Orgone Pyramid - (4G/5G) protector amethyst bhudda orgone pyramid Green Jade powder Copper Coil & Tourmaline - (4G/5G) protector Limited
Root Chakra - Orgone pyramid - Garnet & tourmaline (5G) Sacral Chakra - Orgone pyramid - carnelian & tiger eye (5G) solar plexus Chakra - Orgone pyramid - carnelian & tiger eye (5G) heart Chakra - Orgone pyramid - jade (5G)
throat Chakra - Orgone pyramid - lapis lazuli and pyrite (5G) Crown Chakra - Orgone pyramid - aquamarine & Third Eye Chakra - Orgone pyramid - lapis lazuli and pyrite (5G) 6 pointed  Extra  Large Pyramid - (4G/5G) protector
6 pointed  amethyst & rose quartz Extra  Large Pyramid - (4G/5G) protector Orgone Extra  Large Pyramid - Electric & Creative -Feng Shui - for creativity Orgone Extra  Large Pyramid -Love, Grounding & Magnetic -Feng Shui - for grounding & peace Amethyt, Rose Quartz Orgone Extra  Large Pyramid - highest quality