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Bio Scalar Energy Card Shungite phone protection
Bio Scalar Energy Card
Our Price: £4.99
Shungite phone protection
Our Price: £4.99

The Bio, Orgone, energizer Infrared Ray card is the Same size as a credit card - easy to carry. 2000-3100 Negative Ions verified with an Ion Reader! Carry this card with you at all times and you will be using the power of nature to help remove positive ions from the body which are bad for your health. Carry it next to your phone to absorb the EMR radiation from your mobile and help balance the flow of negative ions in your body. Keep it next to you while you sleep to help promote rest and relaxation Put it in the fridge or next to water to keep food energised

Radisafe is an advance shungite, phone protection

  • 1. Absorb and transfer electromagnetic radiation waves by using special materials and reduce mobile phone radiation of up to 99.5 percent.
  • 2. Reduces upto 80% of your mobile phones heat radiation.
  • 3. Extends the service life of rechargeable battery two to three times.
  • 4. Quick charge - saves mobile charging time
  • 5. Resumes the battery capacity and extends the standby time by 0.5-1.5

6 x Electrical Device Home Solution Kit Orgone Pyramid (5G) FENG SHUI  HUGE BOX COMBO DEAL FOR THE HOME

6x EMR Scalar Energy Chip Features & Benefits

One of the key ingredients used to BIO CERAMICS from Japan which is able to emit SCALAR ENERGY Negative Ions and Far Infrared (FIR).THE BENEFITS OF EMR BIO ENERGY SAVER CHIP, Eliminates the negative effects of man-made frequencies and electro magnetic fields. Television, microwave oven, computers and electrical cables and all the other electrical appliances. Scalar Energy neutralised man-made frequencies into harmless frequencies so it does not affect our health. for mobile phones please add the radisafe shungite phone protection shield it is more powerful because mobiles effect the brainwave instantly. CLICK HERE

It charges the cell energy level in our bodies to 70-90 mini volts (70-90 mini volts are the healthy cell in our bodies)

Application ;

  • home sockets
  • microwave
  • television
  • laptop
  • satellite dish
  • 5 on WIFI System
  • Ipad
  • Computer
  • Lamps
  • Mp3/4
Please avoid Microwave if you can they are highly harmful !!!


to find out full ingredients on the pyramids please read the single pyramid description above.

2 Large Electric & Magnetic Pyramids

4 small Element Pyramids

6 home solution sti


suggestion of placement application ;

Living room

the living room, is the place of activity and main attention where everyone

unites the large electric pyramid will be best placed in the centre


the bed room, is the place of peace and quietness, the magnetic Large pyramid will bring

peaceful sleep and rest, and will help release unwanted emotions

to begin a new day.


the small, water element pyramid is ideal for the bathroom

as it relates to water, it will aid release emotions to begin the day


the toilets, hold wealth in feng shui, I highly recommended the fire element

small pyramid, to keep money circulating. Please make sure

the toilet seat are always closed


food needs to be made wisely, and carefully you are what you eat, and my suggestion

is the air element small pyramid, which aids in keeping the kitchen healthy and not allowing unwanted

ingredients into you food.

Door way

may your door way be protected from unwanted guess place the earth element small pyramid near

by your front door

solution stick

place on all electrical equipments for best results.

SUPER TRIPPLE Nubian Orgone Nibiru, Lapis, Rose quartz, Amethyst, STERLING SILVER  Pyramid - Calms the home and nervous system Shungite Body 5G Kit - works well with Orgonite

This pyramid will help to harmonize the deadly radiation in the entire home, works well in conjunction to shungite pieces

Pyramid tower buster

  1. LAPIS
  6. GOLD
  7. STEEL
  8. BRASS

Benefits ;

This orgone pyramid, is amplified to bring
deep clarity of mind. it is one for the calming space
not only will it protect you from the radiation
it will add to the transformation OF LOVE
energy of strength and clarity of mind.


5G Shungite kit

The shungite kit will keep you on your toes, if you are near by
high radioactive places do make sure to always wear
your pendant to avoid high amount of radiation
always leave your shungite pendant overnight in water
once a month to eradicate excess negative energy

Shungite Pendant - coil pendant to ground the radiation - wear occasionally to remove the radiation out of your body.

Shungite water 100 grams - water to purify your body use daily to remove the radiation from the body by drinking shungite water

shungite - phone protection, place at the back of your mobile phone