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9ct Yellow Gold chain 40cm - Magnetic scalar pendant - LIMITED EDITION Sterling Silver 24inch Scalar  - Magnetic scalar pendant - LIMITED EDITION Sterling Silver 24inch Scalar archangel - most powerful pendant - with silver very healing Orgone Scalar Pendant - New powerful upgraded version
butterfly Orgone Pendant Ankh Orgone Pendant - super conductive, Love, power, strength Venus orgone pendant Jupiter orgone pendant
butterfly Orgone Pendant
Our Price: £24.99
Venus orgone pendant
Our Price: £23.55
Jupiter orgone pendant
Our Price: £22.44
Mercury Orgone Pendant Scalar archangel - most powerful pendant - energy, strength & protection FREE Moon Orgone Pendant until 25/1/19 Sun Orgone Pendant
Mercury Orgone Pendant
Our Price: £21.33
Sun Orgone Pendant
Our Price: £19.11
orgone nature tree pendant Chakra Mars Orgone Reiki Pendant 5G Yantra Necklace pendant Shri yantra The Love Sepreme Orgonite - Orgone pendant
orgone nature tree pendant
Our Price: £18.50
Flower of life Green Onyx Orgonite - Orgone pendant Flower of life Aquamarine Orgonite - Orgone pendant Lapis Tree of life  Orgonite Pendant - Reiki Chakra Amethydt Orgonite Pendant -
Reiki Chakra Orgonite coil Pendant - orgonite balancing energy Reiki Chakra Orgone Pendant - orgonite balancing energy Sirius Star Pendant The Love Orgone Pendant
Sirius Star Pendant
Our Price: £14.99
The Love Orgone Pendant
Our Price: £14.99
Mystical Purple protection Disk Pendant The Hand Of Fatima Ammonite Pendant Orgone Heart Chakra Pendant for love & romance
The Hand Of Fatima
Our Price: £14.99
Ammonite Pendant
Our Price: £14.99
Tourmalinated Quartz Shri Yantra Orgonite - Orgone pendant Malachite Shri Yantra Orgonite - Orgone pendant Shri Yantra Amethyst Orgonite - Orgone pendant Shri Yantra Lapis Orgonite - Orgone pendant
rose quartz raw copper necklace pendant amethyst raw necklace pendant Clear Quartz raw necklace pendant tourmaline raw necklace pendant
Lapis Lazuli Pentagram Orgonite - Orgone pendant Pentagram Orgonite - Orgone pendant Flower of life Amethyst Orgonite - Orgone pendant Blue Agate Orgonite - Orgone pendant
Pink Agate Orgonite - Orgone pendant Jade Orgonite Pendant - Eye Of Horus Protection Orgonite Pendant - orgone money chakra pendant
Jade Orgonite Pendant -
Our Price: £9.99
orgone cooling pendant Red Jasper Orgone Pendant - balancing the will & healing root chakra Lapis Flower Of Life orgone Pendant - Calming, meditation & cooling the nervous system Serpent agate stone necklace pendant
orgone cooling pendant
Our Price: £9.99
Agate stone necklace brown/grey pendant Moon stone - White moon stone necklace pendant Green Agate  stone necklace pendant Labradorite Black/Blue  stone necklace pendant
Amazonite stone necklace pendant Lapis Lazuli stone necklace pendant white Howlite stone necklace pendant Pink Kunzite stone necklace pendant
Amethyst pointed necklace pendant Chakra Heart Orgonite - Orgone pendant tiger eye chrakra pointed necklace pendant sodalite
Our Price: £4.99
tiger eye pointed necklace pendant Fluorite pointed Pendant Amethyst pointed necklace pendant Black obsidian pointed necklace
Fluorite pointed Pendant
Our Price: £4.99
Rose Quartz pointed necklace Malachite pointed necklace Lapis Lazuli pointed Pendant