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6 x Electrical Device Home Solution Kit
6 x Electrical Device Home Solution Kit

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6x EMR Scalar Energy Chip Features & Benefits

One of the key ingredients used to BIO CERAMICS from Japan which is able to emit SCALAR ENERGY Negative Ions and Far Infrared (FIR).THE BENEFITS OF EMR BIO ENERGY SAVER CHIP, Eliminates the negative effects of man-made frequencies and electro magnetic fields. Television, microwave oven, computers and electrical cables and all the other electrical appliances. Scalar Energy neutralised man-made frequencies into harmless frequencies so it does not affect our health. for mobile phones please add the rshungite phone protection shield it is more powerful because mobiles effect the brainwave instantly. CLICK HERE

It charges the cell energy level in our bodies to 70-90 mini volts (70-90 mini volts are the healthy cell in our bodies)

Application ;

  • home sockets
  • microwave
  • television
  • laptop
  • satellite dish
  • 5G on WIFI System
  • Ipad
  • Computer
  • Lamps
  • Mp3/4
Please avoid Microwave if you can they are highly harmful !!!