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m   1 hour Astrology Reading & Advice
bs   30 min Astrology Reading & Advice
card   6 x Electrical Device Home Solution Kit
Scalar-Pendant-limited   9ct Yellow Gold chain 40cm - Magnetic scalar pendant - LIMITED EDITION
Water-Flusk   Alkaline Water Flusk
stick   Alkaline Water Stick
ml   Amethyst meditation ball
ankh   Ankh Orgone Pendant - super conductive, Love, power, strength
Plate   Bio Disk Plate
energy-card   Bio Scalar Energy Card
energy-wand   Bioexcel Premium Scalar Ionic Energy Nano Wand
bracelet-magnet5   Black Titanium bracelet
fly   butterfly Orgone Pendant
Mars   Chakra Mars Orgone Reiki Pendant
bracelet-mag   Copper Magnetic bracelet
Copper-Bracelet2   Copper neodymium Bracelet
Copper-Bracelet4   Copper neodymium Bracelet
Coaster   Energy Drink & Water Coaster
eyeofhors   Eye Of Horus Protection Orgonite Pendant -
Copal   Fire Element Copal Orgone Frankincense stick (powerful)
Foot-Pads   Foot Pads Patches Remove BodyToxins
mlp   Frankincense High Grade
ankh25   FREE Moon Orgone Pendant until 25/1/19
Copper-Bracelet-4   Germanium Copper Magnetic Magnetic neodymium Bracelet
super-copper-bracelet   Germanium Copper Magnetic Magnetic neodymium Bracelet
super-copper-option-2   Germanium Copper Magnetic Magnetic neodymium Bracelet
super-copper-option-3   Germanium Copper Magnetic Magnetic neodymium Bracelet
IBeaut   iBeauty Nano Handy Mist Spray Atomization Humectant Facial
jadelots   Jade Orgonite Pendant -
jupiter   Jupiter orgone pendant
Gold-titanium   Ladies Titanium extreme Powerful Magnetic Bracelet Gold
lapis-orgone   Lapis Flower Of Life orgone Pendant - Calming, meditation & cooling the nervous system
Lapistree   Lapis Tree of life Orgonite Pendant -
el-shadia   Large Orgone lapis Giza Pyramid - good for THINKING, STUDYING & FAITH
Lingam   LARGE Shiva Lingham - for strength WILL POWER & Sexual Energy Balance
Panties   Magnetic - Tourmaline Panties
underwear   Magnetic - Tourmaline Underwear
feet-insole   Magnetic Insoles
insoles   magnetic Insoles
carnelian-orgone   Malachi Pendant - courage & protection
LingamMEDIUM   MEDIUM Shiva Lingham - for strength WILL POWER & Sexual Energy Balance
mercury   Mercury Orgone Pendant
amor   Mystical Purple protection Disk Pendant
toothbrush   NANO-SILVER Whitening Toothbrush
keyring   Orgone Key Ring
higher-eye2   Orgone Amethyst Pendulum
wandchara   Orgone Chakra Wand
CITRINE-P   Orgone Citrine Pendulum
cool   orgone cooling pendant
wand   Orgone Egyptian Rods
Coasterorgon   Orgone Energy Food & Drink Coaster
Electric-Large   Orgone Extra Large Pyramid - Electric & Creative -Feng Shui - for creativity
Magnetic-Large   Orgone Extra Large Pyramid -Love, Grounding & Magnetic -Feng Shui - for grounding & peace
love   Orgone Heart Chakra Pendant for love & romance
higher-eye2222   Orgone Lapis Pendulum
Air   Orgone Large Pyramid -Air Chakra Vibration Frequency 192HZ - for communication & truth
Air22   Orgone Large Pyramid -Fire Chakra Vibration Frequency 162HZ - for WEALTH & CREATIVITY - fire element
root   Orgone Large Pyramid -Healing Root Vibration GROUNDING & MEDITATION Frequency 8-13HZ - EARTH ELEMENT
higher-eye22   Orgone Large Pyramid -Higher Eye Chakra Vibration Frequency LOVE & PROTECTION - for third eye activation -water element
moneys   orgone money chakra pendant
nature   orgone nature tree pendant
Earth-Element_Pyramid   Orgone Pyramid - Earth Element - for grounding & protection
Fire-Element_pyramid   Orgone Pyramid - Fire Element - for creativity & will power
Water-Element_Pyramid   Orgone Pyramid - Water Element - for calmness & love
Air-Element_Pyramid   Orgone Pyramid and clear thinking - Air Element -for peace of mind
orgone-scalar-pendant   Orgone Scalar Pendant - New powerful upgraded version
bracelet-magnetic   Power Energy Balance Band (email Colour)
Green-jade-orgone   Red Jasper Orgone Pendant - balancing the will & healing root chakra
chakra3   Reiki Chakra Amethydt Orgonite Pendant -
chakra1   Reiki Chakra Orgone Pendant - orgonite balancing energy
chakra2   Reiki Chakra Orgonite coil Pendant - orgonite balancing energy
rosei   rose quartz
i   Sagitarius
Scalar-Pendant-Version-2   Scalar archangel - most powerful pendant - energy, strength & protection
Scalar-Pendant   Scalar Pendant
shungite1   Shungite - Top Water Shungite Purifier (FOR WATER)
home-pyramid   Shungite Home Protection BIG PIECE
shungite-phone   Shungite phone protection
Shower-Head   Shungite Scalar Shower Head, Tourmaline
soap   Shungite Scalar Soap
purifier   shungite water purifier
water-shungite-stone   Shungite water purifier
Siriues   Sirius Star Pendant
LingamSMALL   SMALL Shiva Lingham - for strength WILL POWER & Sexual Energy Balance
Scalar-Pendant-limited-silver   Sterling Silver 24inch Scalar - Magnetic scalar pendant - LIMITED EDITION
Scalar-Pendant-sterling-silver   Sterling Silver 24inch Scalar archangel - most powerful pendant - with silver very healing
sunnow   Sun Orgone Pendant
mega   SUPER TRIPPLE Nubian Orgone Nibiru, Lapis, Rose quartz, Amethyst, STERLING SILVER Pyramid - Calms the home and nervous system
chakra   The Hand Of Fatima
love-pendant   The Love Orgone Pendant
Black-titanium   Titanium extreme Powerful Magnetic Bracelet Black
silver-titanium   Titanium extreme Powerful Magnetic Bracelet Silver
bracelet-magnet   Titanium germanium bracelet
shungite-home-protection   TOP HIGH GRADE ! 4 PIECES of Elite Shungite NEW
venus   Venus orgone pendant
glasses-vission   Vision Glasses
sage   White Sage Orgone Incense stick (powerful)
zapper   zapper orgone - killing parasites in the body

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