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shungite-phone   (5G) Hand made Elite Shungite phone protection
tours   1 piece Black Tourmaline
quartzr   1 piece Rose Quartz
crystal3370jklknk   3 Random Chipped bracelets (randomly selected)
heals   4 Elite shungite pieces
touam   4 Medium piece Shungite
5gyantras   5G Yantra Necklace pendant Shri yantra
malixx   6 pointed amethyst & rose quartz Extra Large Pyramid - (4G/5G) protector
malix   6 pointed Extra Large Pyramid - (4G/5G) protector
card   6 x Electrical Device Home Solution Kit
Scalar-Pendant-limited   9ct Yellow Gold chain 40cm - Magnetic scalar pendant - LIMITED EDITION
amazonite   amazonite orgone Pendant
code18   amethyst bhudda orgone pyramid
lifeamethyst   Amethyst orgone energy pendant
lamethyst   amethyst orgone pendant
code224   amethyst, lapis orgone pyramid
code224w   amethyst, rose quartz orgone pyramid
amerose   Amethyt, Rose Quartz Orgone Extra Large Pyramid - highest quality
ankh   Ankh Orgone Pendant - super conductive, Love, power, strength
venus   Ankh orgone pendant - venus pendant
Aquamarine   Aquamarine Orgone Extra Large Pyramid - highest quality
wand-2   aquamarine power healing wand limited
aquamarinos2   aquamarine reiki chakra Orgonite - Orgone pendant
aquamarinos   aquamarine Shri Yantra Orgonite - Orgone pendant
yant-ouraqua   aquamarine Shri Yantra Orgonite - Orgone pendant
Review-   Astrology Readings Reviews
crystalxmkkkbmnkk   bhudda lava rock bracelet
energy-card   Bio Scalar Energy Card
energy-wand   Bioexcel Premium Scalar Ionic Energy Nano Wand
tourmalineblackpoint2   black tourmaline eye of horus Orgone pendant
star   Black Tourmaline Orgone Pendant
tourmalines   Black Tourmaline Orgone Pyramid - for protection 4/5G
tourmalineblackpoint   black tourmaline reiki Orgone chakra pendant
tourmalineblack   black tourmaline star Orgone chakra pendant
blue-agate   Blue Agate Orgonite - Orgone pendant
crystalxm   Blue Tiger eye protection bracelet
crystalxmk   Blue Tiger eye protection bracelet
fly   butterfly Orgone Pendant
mercury   Caduceus Necklace Aquamarine, Mercury Orgone Pendant
sunnow   Carnelian Orgone Pendant - For courage, wealth, strength (sun)
Mars   Chakra Mars Orgone Reiki Pendant
cha   Chakra Orgone Pendant
chakralove   chakra reiki love Orgonite - Orgone pendant
citrine   Citrine Orgone chakra pendant
citrinex   Citrine Orgone Pyramid - for wealth/creativity 4/5G
news   Copper coil shungite pendant
bracelet-mag   Copper Magnetic bracelet
Copper-Bracelet4   Copper neodymium Bracelet
Copper-Braceleth   Copper neodymium Bracelet
crown-chakra   Crown Chakra - Orgone pyramid - aquamarine &
aqwa   Elite Shungite pendant 4G/5G Pendant - with copper (good size)
Coastern   Energy Drink & Water Coaster
Coaster   Energy Drink & Water Coaster / WIFI Stress Remover
eyeofhors   Eye Of Horus Protection Orgonite Pendant -
amethyst-orgonite   Flower of life Amethyst Orgonite - Orgone pendant
aquamarine-orgonite   Flower of life Aquamarine Orgonite - Orgone pendant
green-onyx--orgonite   Flower of life Green Onyx Orgonite - Orgone pendant
jaspergrounding   flower of life jasper Orgonite - Orgone pendant
life   flower of life Pendant
mlp   Frankincense High Grade
garnet   Garnet & tourmaline orgone pyramid
crystal3370jklkn   Genuine African Citrine bracelet
Copper-Bracelet-4   Germanium Copper Magnetic Magnetic neodymium Bracelet
super-copper-bracelet   Germanium Copper Magnetic Magnetic neodymium Bracelet
super-copper-option-2   Germanium Copper Magnetic Magnetic neodymium Bracelet
crystal3370jklk   Green Emerald Mind clearing bracelet
lovegrid   Green Jade powder Copper Coil & Tourmaline - (4G/5G) protector Limited
mali   green onyx, malachite & quartz Orgone Extra Large Pyramid - (4G/5G) protector
crystalxmkk   Green Tiger eye heart protection bracelet
4th-chakra   heart Chakra - Orgone pyramid - jade (5G)
pack   Herb Combo Pack
hermes   hermes Malachi Radiation Orgone Pendant
crystal337   howlite stress bracelet
crystal2   Jade love bracelet
jade-square   jade orgone pendant
code22   Jade orgone pyramid
jade   Jade Orgone Pyramid - for wealth/heart 4/5G
crystal3370k   Jet stone protection grounding bracelet
labo   labradorite orgone pyramid
lapis-selenite   Lapis & selenite Orgone Pendant
lapisma   Lapis lazuli & Aquamarine Orgone Extra Large Pyramid - (4G/5G) protector
pena   Lapis Lazuli Pentagram Orgonite - Orgone pendant
crystal3370jk   Lapis lazuli throat bracelet
night   Lapis Lazuli, Selenite ying yangOrgonite - Orgone pendant
Lapistree   Lapis Tree of life Orgonite Pendant -
Pendants   LARGE Elite Shungite pendant 4G/5G Pendant - with copper (LARGE)
el-shadia   Large Orgone lapis Giza Pyramid - good for THINKING, STUDYING & FAITH
crystalxmkkkbm   lava rock bracelet
spray   Love oil Spray - drops natural perfume
feet-insole   Magnetic Insoles
insoles   magnetic Insoles
vcsd   Malachite Large Pyramid - (4G/5G) protector
Pendant   Malachite Orgone pendant - (4G/5G) protector
malixz   Malachite orgone pyramid
malachite-yantra   Malachite Shri Yantra Orgonite - Orgone pendant
metatrons   metatron medium Pyramid - (4G/5G) protector
toothbrush   NANO-SILVER Whitening Toothbrush
Copper-Bracelethx   neodymium Bracelet
Copper-Bracelethxv   neodymium Bracelet
Copper-Bracelethxvnk   neodymium Bracelet
grade1   Normal Shungite pendant 4G/5G Pendant - with copper - (still really good)
crystal33   Onyx bracelet
higher-eye2   Orgone Amethyst Pendulum
cool   orgone cooling pendant
Electric-Large   Orgone Extra Large Pyramid - Electric & Creative -Feng Shui - for creativity
Magnetic-Large   Orgone Extra Large Pyramid -Love, Grounding & Magnetic -Feng Shui - for grounding & peace
Air   Orgone Large Pyramid -Air Chakra Vibration Frequency 192HZ - for communication & truth
Air22   Orgone Large Pyramid -Fire Chakra Vibration Frequency 162HZ - for WEALTH & CREATIVITY - fire element
root   Orgone Large Pyramid -Healing Root Vibration GROUNDING & MEDITATION Frequency 8-13HZ - EARTH ELEMENT
higher-eye22   Orgone Large Pyramid -Higher Eye Chakra Vibration Frequency LOVE & PROTECTION - for third eye activation -water element
moneys   orgone money chakra pendant
nature   orgone nature chakra tree pendant
code20   orgone pyramid
Airs-Element_pyramid   Orgone Pyramid - Aquamarine throat Centre
Fire-Element_pyramid   Orgone Pyramid - Fire Element - for creativity & Heart & shungite
Water-Element_Pyramid   Orgone Pyramid - for protection & comunication lapis lazuli 4/5G with elite shungite
orgone-scalar-pendant   Orgone Scalar Pendant - New powerful upgraded version
bus   Orgone Shungite 24k gold leaf Buster 4G/5G
santos   palo santos
pink-agate   Pink Agate Orgonite - Orgone pendant
chakra-pendant   Pointed pendant (choose your stone/style in option)
bracelet-magnetic   Power Energy Balance Band (email Colour)
amethyst-pointed   Powerful amethyst orgone point pendant
citrine-pointed   Powerful citrine orgone point pendant
jadex   Powerful jade point orgone pendant
lapispower   Powerful lapis point orgone pendant
pyritepoint   Powerful pyrite point orgone pendant
rhodonite-pointed   Powerful rhodonite orgone point pendant
rose-quartz-pointed   Powerful rose quartz orgone point pendant
eyetiger   Powerful tiger eye point orgone pendant
spray-protection   Protection oil Spray - drops natural perfume
crystal3   Protection onyx love bracelet
tiger-eye-element   Protection Tiger eye Orgone Pendant
tourmalinecarnelian   Protection Tourmaline & Carnelian Orgone Pendant
tourmalines2   Protection Tourmaline Orgone Pendant
crystal3370   purple tiger eye deep protection bracelet
crystalxmkkk   pyrite money bracelet
pyrite   Pyrite Orgone Pyramid - for Iron/circulation 4/5G
ankh25   Rainbow Moonstone Orgone Pendant (moon)
crystalxmkkkbmn   Red tiger eye bracelet
jupiter   Reiki Buddha Pendant Jupiter Necklace
chakra3   Reiki Chakra Amethydt Orgonite Pendant -
chakra1   Reiki Chakra Orgone Pendant - orgonite balancing energy
chakra2   Reiki Chakra Orgonite coil Pendant - orgonite balancing energy
crystal3370j   Rhodonite love bracelet
root-chakra-1   Root Chakra - Orgone pyramid - Garnet & tourmaline (5G)
protectororgone   Rose quartz & Tourmaline- Orgone pyramid - heart protector (5G)
roses   Rose Quartz Orgone Pyramid - for love /heart 4/5G
shungite-big   Rough Large Shungite Piece
citrin   Rough Medium Shungite Piece
sacral-chakra-1   Sacral Chakra - Orgone pyramid - carnelian & tiger eye (5G)
life4   Sacred geometry energy pendant
life3   Sacred geometry pendant
Scalar-Pendant-Version-2   Scalar archangel - most powerful pendant - energy, strength & protection
Scalar-Pendant   Scalar Pendant
shells   shell orgone pyramid
shiv   Shivah Orgone Pyramid - (4G/5G) protector
amethyt-yantra   Shri Yantra Amethyst Orgonite - Orgone pendant
lapisshri   Shri Yantra Lapis Orgonite - Orgone pendant
chakraloveshriyantra   shri yantra moonstone/tourmaline Orgonite - Orgone pendant
Tourmaline   Shungite & Tourmaline Ankh Pendant
shungite1   Shungite - Top Water Shungite Purifier (FOR WATER)
10litre   Shungite - Top Water Shungite Purifier (FOR WATER)1kg (10 litre )
5litre   Shungite - Top Water Shungite Purifier (FOR WATER)500g (5 litre )
tool-kitam-SHUNGITE   Shungite Body 5G Kit - works well with Orgonite
pyramid   Shungite Orgone Giza 5G Large Pyramid with gold leaf
Shower-Head   Shungite Scalar Shower Head, Tourmaline
sphere   Shungite Sphere (5G)
water-shungite-stone   Shungite water purifier
Siriues   Sirius Star Pendant
crystalxmkkkb   sodalite throat bracelet
3rd-chakra   solar plexus Chakra - Orgone pyramid - carnelian & tiger eye (5G)
Scalar-Pendant-limited-silver   Sterling Silver 24inch Scalar - Magnetic scalar pendant - LIMITED EDITION
Scalar-Pendant-sterling-silver   Sterling Silver 24inch Scalar archangel - most powerful pendant - with silver very healing
super-shun   super large shungite piece
mega   SUPER TRIPPLE Nubian Orgone Nibiru, Lapis, Rose quartz, Amethyst, STERLING SILVER Pyramid - Calms the home and nervous system
chakra   The Hand Of Fatima
love-pendant   The Love Orgone Pendant
third-eye-chakra   Third Eye Chakra - Orgone pyramid - lapis lazuli and pyrite (5G)
throat-chakra   throat Chakra - Orgone pyramid - lapis lazuli and pyrite (5G)
eyes   Tiger Eye Orgone Pyramid - for protection/will power 4/5G
wand-1   tiger eye power healing wand
crystalk   Tiger eye protection bracelet
tigereyechakra   tiger eye reiki Orgone pendant
tiger-coil   Tiger eye tesla coiled Orgone pendant - (4G/5G) protector
code12   tiger eye, carnelian orgone pyramid
tigereyechakralk   tiger eye/aquamarine star Orgone pendant
code19   tourmaline orgone pyramid
heart-chakra   Tourmaline Orgonite - Orgone pendant with pinch of shungite
egyptos   tourmaline powder orgone egyptian pyramid
yant-our   Tourmaline Shri Yantra Orgonite - Orgone pendant
tourmalina   Tourmaline, citrine, Orgone Extra Large Pyramid - highest quality
jade-square-tree   Tree lapis orgone pendant
lapisa   Tree of life lapis lazuli pendant
crystal1   unakite love bracelet
glasses-vission   Vision Glasses
wealth   Wealth oil Spray drops natural perfume
malachite-weed-plant   Weed Plant Malachite Orgone pendant - (4G/5G) protector
sage   White Sage Orgone Incense stick, Smudge stick (powerful) dessert

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